We’re a place of fun escape, sustainably delivered

We’ve been on a sustainability journey for a while now, quietly researching and implementing plenty of measures in-house. We’re committed to lowering our carbon footprint further and continue to research ways in which we can do this, both large and small. Here are some of the ways we’re making a difference:

  • We have installed 1088 solar panels, which contribute approx 40% of our electrical needs to run the brewery. That’s 435,000 KWH of renewable energy!
  • We’re FSC registered, which means all of our card packaging is made with materials that support responsible forestry
  • Our spent grain heads off to a local farm where it’s fed to some very happy cattle
  • We encourage our customers to use a bag for life or box when purchasing brews from the shop
  • All of our merch is made from organic cotton and/or recycled polyester
  • Merch orders are sent out in recyclable packaging
  • We encourage customers wanting takeout beer to use our re-fillable growlers
  • All of our waste management is now in house. 93% is recycled and the other 7% is incinerated for energy.
  • Recycling stations are placed in office spaces and team areas
  • We use EU Ecolabel printer paper
  • We’ve installed a nitrogen generation plant, which will cut our C02 dependence and output as well as eliminating deliveries, which means fewer trucks on the road

As well as the above, we’re researching a waste water treatment plant, allowing us to take control of our waste water, ultimately lowering our carbon footprint.