rich. smooth. malty

A multi award winning classic English Bitter with a silky-smooth mouth feel. Good Old Boy is brewed with a blend of rich malted barley and fruity hops to produce an exceptionally well-balanced and full-flavoured beer.

Fantastic with homemade beef pie.


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Customer Reviews
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Gerrod Richley
15th January 2021

I opened my first keg of it an hour ago and I can’t stop drinking it. I am in love.

Jeremy Wigmore
9th February 2021

Excellent service. No problems with delivery and of course an excellent beer

Robert Mellor
16th February 2021

During lockdown, with the absence of pubs, I’ve had a real craving for beer from the tap. Sure, a bottle of Old McGuffin’s 9% Goat Scratcher has it’s place, but sometimes it’s nice to have a regular beer, from a tap. A pint, maybe a bit more, or a bit less. Good Old Boy in a mini-keg has been a revelation… absolutely delicious, minimal packaging, no waste. Thoroughly recommended.

16th February 2021

Draught in a bottle. Excellent beer matched by service. Cheers…well brewed.

Frank Oakland
18th February 2021

Love this Beer and now I can buy online 👍

David russell
18th February 2021

I really enjoy Good Old Boy! A traditional amber bitter with great flavour and the 9pint kegs ensure that it keeps in excellent condition. Good value and excellent service from WBB.

Dave Langhorn
18th February 2021

Great beer from a fab local brewery. Easy to order and excellent delivery service. Highly recommended.

Ivan Dale
18th February 2021

Love this ale. One of my favourites. Delivery was fast too. Very happy!

John Gouk
18th February 2021

Brilliant sales and delivery service – my local Parcel Force guy asks me when I’m getting some more every time I see him! An excellent beer, full of flavour. Since I can’t manage a whole keg on my own, I drink the bottled version, which I prefer to open and pour aggressively to match the keg level of CO2.

Hugh Spalding
18th February 2021

Great service to South London within a three days of ordering

Roger Stevens
19th February 2021

A perfect beer

Tony Raynsford.
20th February 2021

As a real aler of over fifty years standing, I do consider myself somewhat of an expert. I am not usually overly keen on bottled beers mainly because of the fizz. Good Old Boy is the exception to the rule, not too fizzy and despite only being four percent, a really tasty ale. Very flavoursome.

David Sinclair
22nd February 2021

Good Old Boy is my favourite beer. It’s smooth, tasty and bitter. It’s a great beer any time you fancy a beer.

Gavin Wood
22nd February 2021

What could be better? Good Old Boy delivered direct to your door – no fuss, no lockdown issues; just a very, very fine pint!

22nd February 2021

Basically I can remember the first time I had a pint of Good Old Boy when the brewery first brewed this lovely beer. Even now it is just perfection and beauty that you could ever want in one glass ! So that is why you need a few pints. Obviously be happier to be able to sit in a pub beer garden on a nice day supping the amber nectar to the gods. But in the meantime having it delivered is like having fresh milk delivered to your door. Lovely!

Bill Washington
23rd February 2021

Great beer. I used to drink it wherever I could when we went out. Now I’m on the bottled at home. Helping keep me sane. Excellent delivery service from WBB

Ian Parker
1st March 2021

This beer is fantastic and one of my all-time favourites. I always prefer to pick up from the brewery and it’s always been a great service with no issues.

Barry Carter
3rd March 2021

Excellent, what could be better!

Al Simpson
3rd March 2021

Perfect best bitter. Lockdown would have been unbearable without a proper pint so all hail the WBB.

Helen Simpson
5th March 2021

Great beer and brilliant fast delivery. Made lock-down bearable! Thank you to everyone at WBB.

Robert Olive
6th April 2021

Excellent bottles beer, close to cask beer and VERY drinkable, especially at home during lockdown. Price is reasonable, and the click and collect service is excellent. Thank you.

Nicholas Bayley
9th April 2021

WBB beers have kept me sane through lockdown. Draft ale delivered to my home: the only thing better would be for the pubs to be open. And what beer! Handing my stepson a pint of draft Good Old Boy he took a big swig and said: ‘This must be the very best beer in the world!’ And what variety! Dr Hexter’s, Maharajah IPA – each one perfection in its own style. But GOB IS the best beer ever!

Martin Moran
13th April 2021

Great beer from an exceptional brewery. As good from the bottle as the tap…but looking forward to having a pint at WBB when it opens again

Leslie Fox
17th May 2021

Great surprise present from my wife and it tasted great.

Philip Brown
15th June 2021

Great beer. Good value considering it’s from an independent brewery. Very good website.

Kathleen Little
15th June 2021

Great Beer , Husband loved his present

Paul Yeates
21st July 2021

Having used WBB over the last few years i must say that the good old boy is as good today as ir was when i started drinking it. I normaly order the mini keg but recently purchased the bottles, aagin it tastes just as good as the mini keg. I will continue to order beer from WBB and would strongly recomend to anybody eishing to try their ales.

Frank Oakland
22nd July 2021

Love it, love it, love it.
Not much else to say really.

Michael Walsh
26th July 2021

Great value with the discount offer, a nostalgic beer for me as we had a keg at my son’s wedding. Lovely stuff!

Leslie Arthur Webb
26th July 2021

Good Old Boy is one of my favourite ales whether on draft or by the bottle. Having at home during the various lockdowns has taken the sting out of the times when pubs were not open. We’re very lucky having a quality independant brewer of such class locally.

Glenn Jarrett
26th July 2021

The Martini of beers..great to enjoy any time, any place, anywhere, with anyone. A must for every beer-drinking occasion, and in-between. 5-star stuff indeed.

Ian Moring
26th July 2021

You can’t go wrong with this. 9 pints of Good old boy to your door. Everyone loves this.

Michael Ridge
26th July 2021

Good Old Boy is as good as ever so 5 stars but when added to the first class service I’d like to give it 5 stars plus! Sometimes things go wrong and when mistakes are made it’s how a company recovers the situation that matters. Recently I received somebody else’s order by mistake, when I alerted WBB to this they ensured my order was delivered the next day as well as taking the details of the order delivered to me in error so that they could rectify the issue for the other customer immediately. Simply brilliant customer service!

Dirk Keeley
26th July 2021

Best brewery, best bottled beer, very keen pricing and the availability of delivery is excellent. Don’t need anything more. Well done WBB.

Ian Allison
28th July 2021

Love the beer,love the venue, love the service .Excellent

Glyn Murray.
28th July 2021

Loved it from the first mouthful. Years later and nothing has changed . Still my favourite real ale. So good I bought shares in the company!

Raymond Little
28th July 2021

Really nice beer. Give it a go.

Chad Williams
3rd August 2021

Perhaps it’s imagined – but Good Old Boy seems to taste even better from the keg. My father-in-law and I enjoy sharing a mini keg when we catch up. Highly recommended.

Kevin Thomas
4th August 2021

Bought a couple of Mini-kegs for an ‘old boys’ long weekend, but selfishly left one at home. Bad move, as the first one did not last long at all. Very enjoyable, and I am sure I will enjoy the second one even more, as I won’t have to share it 🤣
As it was short notice, I opted to collect, and finding the brewery was not that simple, but now I know, I will be a regular. Great beer.

Derek Young
1st September 2021

Great tasting beer, Polypin went quite fast.

Gerard Crutchley
2nd September 2021

Reminds me of how good Cornish amber ales used to taste before they became so popular and were mass produced. If you haven’t tried it already – give it a go. You won’t be disappointed.

Alan Tizzard
1st December 2021

My favourite ale from WBB, have been drinking this from when it was first launched. It still tastes the same and is very enjoyable.

David Wilson
6th December 2021

Been drinking GOB for ages have it delivered to my home

Graham johnson
14th March 2022

Best beer I’ve had for a long time.drink this when I go to reading fc

Malcolm Gregory
22nd April 2022

This is a really great beer, easy drinking and not too strong. Beautiful flavour which lasts and lasts.
I highly recommend this beer (and I have drunk quite a bit over the years, but always sensibly)

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