Stories are important. They’re how us humans share experiences, escape from our everyday, build new tribes and teach new skills. The art of storytelling has always been closely connected to the same occasions where we share food and drink, especially beer. From the very outset we looked to create a variety of characterful beers with bold flavours & stories to tell. An uncompromising approach, dedicated to using the finest quality, locally sourced ingredients, resulting in Mr Chubb’s, Good Old Boy and Maggs’ Mild. They all have a story to tell, and our next chapter doesn’t ignore these roots; it grows from them, as our passionate brewery teams push the boundaries of new beer flavours and styles, and we start to tell our new Renegade craft stories through Queensbury Jack, Maverick and Brewski.


1995 5 barrel brewery founded behind The Pot Kiln pub
1999 Expansion to 10 barrel brewery in the old village bakery
2005 Expansion to 25 barrel brewery close to the old dairy
2007 Current Head Brewer Will Twomey joins as a trainee
2017 Expansion to 36 barrel brewhouse & packaging line
2018 Shop, Taproom & Kitchen open
2021 Brewery acquired by Yattendon Group
2022 We’re re-born as Renegade

Bringing people together through brilliant small batch beer and inspiring stories

Here at Renegade we’re all about inclusivity. Bringing together the passion, skill and experience of our team to deliver top quality beer and a place where everyone can relax, unwind and empower others. We truly believe the more perspectives we have, the better decisions we can make, and we support each other in our individuality; achieving better results when we work together. Some of our best ideas have started life in our very own Taproom over a pint, sharing ideas and challenging the status quo.

Our unique rural location, imaginative stories and love of small batch, independently brewed beer has culminated in a brewery with earth friendly ambitions, beers with serious drinkability and a place for everyone.

We’re all Renegades, Misfits and Adventurers at heart…

We’re a place of fun escape, sustainably delivered

We’ve been on a sustainability journey for a while now, quietly researching and implementing plenty of measures in-house. We’re committed to lowering our carbon footprint further and continue to research ways in which we can do this, both large and small. Here are some of the ways we’re making a difference:

  • We’re FSC registered, which means all of our card packaging is made with materials that support responsible forestry
  • Our spent grain heads off to a local farm where it’s fed to some very happy cattle
  • We encourage our customers to use a bag for life or box when purchasing brews from the shop
  • All of our merch is made from organic cotton and/or recycled polyester
  • Merch orders are sent out in recyclable packaging
  • We encourage customers wanting takeout beer to use our re-fillable growlers
  • All of our waste management is now in house. 80% is recycled and the other 20% is incinerated for energy. We aim to lower the 20% further
  • Recycling stations are placed in office spaces and team areas
  • We use EU Ecolabel printer paper
    • We’ve installed a nitrogen generation plant, which will cut our C02 dependence and output as well as eliminating deliveries, which means fewer trucks on the road
      • We’re currently installing solar panels, which will contribute 40% of our electrical needs to run the brewery. That’s 435,000 KWH of renewable energy!

      As well as the above, we’re researching a waste water treatment plant, allowing us to take control of our waste water, ultimately lowering our carbon footprint.