balanced. fruity. floral

Our beautifully balanced session bitter is packed with all the spicy, fruity and floral flavours you’d expect from English hops, creating a brew as fragrant as it is moreish.

Fish and chips, slow roasted lamb with rosemary.


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James McCarthy
11th December 2020

This is honestly my favourite ale at the moment. It’s a session ale, so very easy drinking, refreshing and takes quite a few of these before you fall over (always drink responsibly).

William Wallis
4th March 2021

A wonderful brew that leaves you perfectly refreshed!

Bruce Jackson
9th March 2021

Great quality beer and fantastic as a one person session beer as it’s not too strong so you don’t feel too guilty polishing it off over 2 days (or 1!). Tasted surprisingly similar to cask conditioned. The bottled version is good, but this is even better. Will definitely be buying again – probably for Six Nations Super Saturday.

Anna Chubb
17th March 2021

Bought this beer for my husband who is Mr Chubb (for real) he says first class beer and can highly recommended.

Neil Rendall
23rd March 2021

This is now my favourite beer since Good Old Boy changed it’s taste slightly. Tons of flavour and not too strong.
I believe that originally all beers were this sort of strength, and maybe used similar if not identical ingredients. And we’re still drinking the same stuff. I like tradition!

Paul Mills
8th April 2021

Along with ‘GOB’ the Mr Chubbs is an excellent session beer with good flavour and a sensible strength that doesn’t detract from great tasting ale

Christopher Moore
19th April 2021

A lighter beer than GOB, but still full of taste and refreshing. Excellent accompaniment to an evening supper, especially if I’m not driving! First class service an delivery from WBB. I’ll be buying some more.

Andrew Kerr
24th May 2021

Good lunchtime bitter as it says on the tin. Right strength for lunchtime

Maria Turtle
5th July 2021

Bought this for my husband’s birthday as I know he absolutely loves it. Great delivery service too.

David Chubb
9th July 2021

Well what can I say… a friend bought me a bottle as a gift and I love it.

Nigel Lancaster
21st July 2021

My favourite tipple used to be Brakspears ordinary bitter in bottles. I used to feel safe driving home after two of those. I had to look around for a replacement when the Brakspears was no longer available, and I happened upon Mr Chubb’s in my local Waitrose one day – a shining beacon among the ranks of 5%+ beers. This is now my regular tipple, along with the occasional Good Old Boy. Thank you West Berkshire.

Michael Stock
21st July 2021

My favourite tipple for so many years I cannot remember. It goes well with everything, especially like-minded drinking buddies. Has a depth, flavour and utterly drinkable. So many sub 4.0 ales can be lacking in fulfilment but never with a Chubb’s. A lighter alternative to classics like GOB. Click and collect direct from the tap makes it a low mileage all year rounder!

26th July 2021

Great balance of bitterness and malt in this session ale. Not lacking in body or flavour unlike some low ABV beers

Glyn Murray.
28th July 2021

Mr Chubbs is a great alternative to GOB as a session bear. Very welcome on sunny summer days. Only problem is the wife enjoys it too.

Raymond Little
28th July 2021

A nice lighter beer for a sunny afternoon session.

David Chubb
30th July 2021


Malcolm Gregory
30th July 2021

A really lovely beer, just like beer used to taste of old, not too strong, but stronge enough that you can have a second bottle with no effects.
WBB have some really good beers and lagers (and mild) but Mr Chubb is my favourite.

Derek Young
1st September 2021

Nice taste and ABV just right

Ian Moring
17th November 2021

Top beer from the first to the last drop

Alan Tizzard
1st December 2021

A first class easy drinking ale. Excellent taste and colour.

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