traditional. rich. malty

A traditional rich, dark mild with big hitting biscuit malt flavours, a light earth hop aroma and a velvety smooth finish.

Delicious with nutty cheeses such as gouda or comte.


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Andrew Howard
11th March 2021

I’ve been enjoying Magg’s Mild for years now whenever possible and it has become a firm favourite during the last dreadful year. It is a full flavoured brown with some stout elements which I particularly like. It has a delightful effervescence, and poured with a little gusto keeps a nice head for 10 minutes or so, but the reason I love it is the rich flavour of nuts and honey chocolate. It is as good out of a bottle as the tap. I keep it cool on my boot-room floor in winter and at 5 degrees in the ‘fridge in summer. It is delicious cold. My only complaint is that it is not offered in enough local pubs (they often have it at the Bell at Aldworth,) and that the brewery sometimes runs out of bottles, which is obviously outrageous! I have no idea why browns and milds are less popular than bitters or lagers. I think there is so much more satisfaction in a good dark beer. This is a prime example.

Paul Mills
17th June 2021

I do enjoy a dark ale very much and this is a proper tasty, dark ale. It ticks the box perfectly for me.

Tom Davies
20th July 2021

Always drink Maggs Mild when it’s available in The Grapes, Oxford. A stunning, and refreshing mild. The bottled version is excellent, and is amazingly close to the cask version.

Uta Roehrig
25th July 2021

I am a big fan of dark beer and Maggs Mild is one of my favourites. What can I say it is just delicious.

Garry Wiles
26th July 2021

A lovely rich mild ale, very quaffable and not cloying. It’s one of my favourtite beers, and not for nothing has it been colloquially called Maggs’ Magnificent Mild!

Neil Hughes
17th August 2021

I can’t add much more to what’s been said already. The mild is tasty and quite bitter but not too strong in alcohol – a perfect combination.

Peter Johnson
17th August 2021

I also am a fan of dark beers having drunk dark mild from the age of fifteen onwards, it is just delicious and have even got my lager drinking sons to appreciate it as well.

Ian Moring
17th November 2021

Tasty all the way to the bottom

Gary Hinde
29th December 2021

I love Maggs Milkd – always a good pint in cask or bottle!

Peter Johnson
10th August 2022

Excellent mild ale, only wish I could get it in draught form through the post.

15th August 2022

Goes well with the good old boy bitter. Just as the “good old boy” remembers

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