24th June 2024

Sustainable Elderflower Pale Ale

Our journey to Net Zero is something we take very seriously here at Renegade and so creating a truly sustainable beer was a no brainer. We’re privileged to be able to call this area of outstanding natural beauty our home and to be able to look out of the windows to see fields of green and a plethora of wildlife.

Renegade Brewery is part of the Yattendon Estate and our joint commitment to a green future has seen the installation of over 1000 solar panels on our roof; a nitrogen generation plant to cut our C02 dependence and output as well as eliminating deliveries; all of our waste management has been brought in-house and we’re researching a waste water treatment plant, allowing us to take control of our waste water, ultimately lowering our carbon footprint even further.

Additionally, Yattendon have begun to provide us with barley to use in our beer, so it’s going almost straight from grain to glass! Grown in our own back yard, the farm managers at Yattendon Estate select barley varieties best suited to the soil on which they are to be grown. This in turn supports the Integrated Farm Management approach the farm managers use, as they plan and look to manage the soil health and enrich the environment with a long term view. Typically, on a 20 – 25 year horizon.

The Estate farms are at the forefront of sustainable farming and enhancing biodiversity, and could be easily classified as “leading edge” in being part of the LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) demonstration farm network. It’s one of 40 farms across the UK going beyond best practice to support an integrated approach to both sustainable production and supporting the environment.

As a local independent craft brewery, we’re now building a working relationship with the farm managers to enhance our drive for the local environment as we aim to grow our brewing barley. What does this typically mean?
🌱 No use of insecticides, increasing the drive to being biodiverse positive
🐝 Promotion of pollinators and natural ‘predators’ through the creation of nature corridors across the farmed landscape; encouraging beneficial insects to protect & support the crops
🌿 Increasing the area of land dedicated to habitat creation and supporting wider biodiversity, beyond industry targets to 15% of the farmed area. This is more than double the industry target to ensure a thriving natural environment

Home Grown really is just that, the malt was grown on the estate, the hops are an English variety and the elderflower was locally foraged by our community. It’s pouring in the Taproom and beyond from Monday 1st July. Brewed with 100% Yattendon Estate Maris Otter malt, it’s a pale ale with a subtle toasty complexity, rounded sweetness and bright elderflower notes marrying with floral English hops.

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