24th October 2022

Noella has been with us for about four months now and has been a big part of the Renegade re-brand. She’s cat obsessed (there’s a sign on her desk that reads ‘i work hard so my cat has a better life’), teaches dance in her spare time and is a big fan of theatre. Read on for book, tv and restaurant recommendations.

Full Name: Noella Doran

What do you like to be called? Noella 😊

Job Title: Assistant Marketing Manager

How long have you been at WBB and what were you up to before?

Almost 4 months – Marketing Assistant for a bakery company and a Musical Theatre performer.

How has your role/the business progressed since you’ve been here?

My role has largely been working on the rebrand with some really exciting things coming!

What is your favourite style of beer or favourite beer? Lager/pale Ale – Detour

Most recent book you read? The Outsider by Stephen King

Last thing you listened to? Rina Sawayama new album

Last film/series you watched? Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

Hobbies or interests? Musicals

Best place you’ve travelled to and why does it stick in your memory? Jerusalem – visiting Bethlehem and the Church of Nazareth

Coffee or tea? Coffee

Favourite food to eat in? Pizza

Favourite local restaurant? Sushi Maki, Newbury

Funniest thing at work so far? Crashing my car and walking back to work was pretty funny – in hindsight.

Tell us something we probably don’t know about you. My whole family begins with the letter N, i used to be an Irish Dancer and i can play 2 instruments

What got you into the beer industry? The opportunity to work on a rebrand project for a local company, and getting to taste a lot of beer

Dogs or cats? Cats


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