31st January 2023

Tom hasn’t been at the brewery long but as with most Sales team members he’s made his presence known in the office! He’s a big fan of football, gorillas and stout; which is lucky for him because we’ve got something dark and chocolatey on the way. Read on for pub, podcast and tv recommendations and to find out how many bites it takes him to finish a Big Mac… 

Full Name: Tom Mead

What do you like to be called? Tom

Job Title: Area Sales Manager

How long have you been at Renegade and what were you up to before?

1 month. Previously i was Distillery Manager for Berkshire Botanical Gin.

What is your favourite style of beer or favourite beer? Guinness is my go to but i love a traditional bitter just like Good Old Boy.

Most recent book you read? Either an Arsenal Programme as bed time reading for our son, or Snail or a Thomas The Tank Engine book for our daughter.

Last thing you listened to? An Arsenal podcast.

Last film/series you watched? Traitors, the UK version.

Hobbies or interests? Playing & watching football with Archer, The Arsenal, cooking and going out for dinner with Kat, lego (with the kids). I love all things alcohol and learning about types, styles, trends etc.

Best place you’ve travelled to and why does it stick in your memory? Cornwall, mainly because ever since birth (and my parents before me, and my grandparents before them) i have been going to the same place 2 or 3 times a year. It’s where i proposed to Kat and i just have so many memories down there.

Coffee or tea? Tea

Favourite food to eat in? A tough one, it depends on what way the wind blows. I love making curry or spag bol, the kids love making pizza from scratch, but probably a proper full on roast. Kat makes some incredible bao buns.

Favourite local restaurant? The White Oak in Cookham

Funniest thing at work so far? There have been some funny chats in the office about some random things, I’m still waiting for someone to fall off their chair though.

Tell us something we probably don’t know about you. Ha! This can up on a previous team questionnaire… I can eat a Big Mac in two bites.

What got you into the beer industry? The right place at the right time. Before running the gin distillery i had worked in pubs/ bars/restaurants for my entire working life.

Dogs or cats? To be honest, i have a cat, but i don’t like any other cats. I’m just not an animal person. Unless it’s a gorilla, they are just phenomenal.

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