22nd July 2022

Full Name: William Richard Twomey

What do you like to be called? Will, but at home everyone calls me Billy

Job Title: Head Brewer

How long have you been at WBB and what were you up to before? 16 years! I grew up down the road In Bucklebury and worked in a few local pubs before the brewery. I also worked for Jessops selling cameras with a bunch of mates from Newbury which was pretty fun whilst it lasted.

How has your role/the business progressed since you’ve been here? I started washing barrels and assisting at WBB in June 2006- that included cleaning tanks, raking out the mash tun, cleaning the copper after the brew as well as jumping on the occasional dray to help with deliveries. I became head brewer in 2010 and then in 2017 I project managed the installation of the new site and commissioned the brewery and packaging line.  Now I lead a brilliant team of 7 in production. We started off as a family business under the WBB banner, which was amazing; really community focused and there were lots of sales to be had. I loved feeling like I was a well-known figure in the local community, and beer was simpler back then. None of your white-chocolate-double-mango-micro-DIPAs back then! The last few years have been pretty chaotic for us all, ending with a big change in senior management and also the old company folding which was heart-breaking. We do have some exciting new owners though, Yattendon Estate, who are in it for the long term, and have some great ideas around sustainability and provenance of our raw materials.

What is your favourite style of beer or favourite beer? Cask Ale. Its an incredibly delicate product that needs to be cared for and nurtured. Its sadly treated as a low price commodity in many pubs, but it should be revered and worshipped. Haha. I also love mixed ferm Belgian Lambics such as Boon or Cantillon. The style of brewing is more reminiscent of wine making and the beer is extremely complex in flavour.

Most recent book you read? I think it was probably “The Scarecrow’s Wedding” Julia Donaldson’s kids stories are the best!

Last thing you listened to? Radio 4 in truth, but I’ve been listening to a lot of Turnstile recently.

Last film/series you watched? We’ve been watching Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix.

Hobbies or interests? I like to play guitar now and then, but most of my time is spent with my family or doing DIY.

Best place you’ve travelled to and why does it stick in your memory? I’ve done a bit of travelling before but my favourite trip was probably Dingle in Ireland. It was such a brilliant town to visit and I took my soon to be wife with me to meet my family. I would love to visit my friend who lives in Lombok, Indonesia one day. I also really enjoyed my time in Ko Lanta, Thailand.

Coffee or tea? Coffee before 13:00, Tea in the afternoon/evening.

Favourite food to eat in? Nasi Goreng- Indonesian fried rice with a runny egg and fresh cucumber and tomato. I could eat that for breakfast lunch and dinner.

Favourite local restaurant? TIY Tea Noodle Bar although I don’t eat there anywhere near as much as I’d like to.

Funniest thing at work so far? Bradley’s Mullet is pretty epic. It reminds me of Kenny Powers. People getting covered in beer/water/yeast/hops is always funny (as long as it’s not you).

Tell us something we probably don’t know about you. I watch YouTube videos of people restoring old tools.

What got you into the beer industry? Free beer and a passion for process, but mostly a guiding hand.

Dogs or cats? Depends on the dog, some are great, some are awful but on balance cats are the best. They require less input.


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