Alcohol Free Peach Pale Ale


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sweet. peach. crisp

Tropical pale ale with the sweet, juicy flavour of ripe peaches and none of the alcohol…

Refreshing, smooth and Yeti approved.


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Jen Pass
1st July 2023

Brewski AF is smooth, refreshing and just as yummy as the A version.
10 out or 10, the best AF beer I’ve tasted so far.

Adrian Collie
16th August 2023

I dont like Pale Ale. In fact I only ever drink 0% lager or 0% cider so was a bit skeptical when we visited for food and I bought my first Brewski Peach Pale Ale. Have to admit I had two of them during our meal and a couple more the next visit. Now I’ve got a crate of them at home and a few in the fridge, a nice Renegade glass to drink them from and Reneshades to wear as I do it!

Complete convert here. I cant say I’ll ever switch to ‘normal’ pale ale but as long as you keep brewing this I’ll keep buying them. I even love the graphics on the cans

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