7th November 2022

Every year the UK wastes 10 million tonnes of food with almost 2 million tonnes coming from the food industry. Bread is one of the biggest offenders, we waste almost 900,000 tonnes of bread every year, a mind-blowing 24 million slices every day. Currently less than 1% is recycled for human consumption but it doesn’t have to be that way.*

We partnered with our friends at Yattendon Village Stores to create ‘Toast of the Village’, a 3.5% Golden Ale made with 25% stale bread which would have otherwise gone to waste. To lower our carbon footprint further, we’ve used 100% English hops and malt plus, as always, we sent our spent grain to a local farmer to feed his livestock.

The resulting beer is pouring exclusively in the Taproom on cask only. You can expect a malty backbone with a gentle citrussy hop aroma. It’s light, easy drinking and at 3.5% super sessionable. 

Let us know what you think of the beer and this initiative. Would you like to see more collaborations like this one?



*Stats from The Felix Project

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