tropical. bitter. earthy

This is our full-bodied New World hopped jaw-dropper of an IPA with full on tropical fruit flavours, mouth-watering bitterness and a rich, earthy finish.

Sweet potato and cauliflower massaman curry.


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25th December 2020

A new classic! I have been drinking the beer from this establishment for over twenty years now. Love Good Old Boy and Mr Chubbs. But this new IPA has got me hooked.

Well done great to have yet another great beer to choose from.

Jake Alexander
5th February 2021

One of the best beers that I have personally tasted.

9th February 2021

Really delightful beer and excellent smooth delivery. Already on my second crate

mike druce
11th February 2021

Good taste, ‘hoppy’ but not to strong or sweet

Norman Taylor
12th February 2021

I’ve been drinking West Berks Beers since it started behind the Pot Kiln. I miss Mr Swift though & look forward to tasting the new beers but Maharaja IPA has become the go to beer at home for me & 2 of my sons. May it continue.

Ben Tinson
18th February 2021

Mine, and most of my close friends, go-to IPA since we first tried it. Really great beer

Bruce DREW
22nd February 2021

This is a top of class brew in its segment of the market. Please don’t modify the recipe.

Martin mcintyre
22nd February 2021

Not owning up to how many cases of Maharaja I’ve bought, nor how often – let’s just say I need a bigger bottle recycling crate!!
Love the stuff …… and the girl/lady on collections is always very friendly and helpful.

Derek legg
23rd February 2021

I can’t think of a better way of getting through lockdown than tickling your tastebuds with Maharaja IPA

ThomAs Evans
5th March 2021

This has to be my favourite IPA and my favourite drink in the West Berkshire Range

David Sinclair
12th March 2021

It’s a lovely IPA. The best compliment I can pay it is that I enjoy it almost as much as I enjoy Good Old Boy – and I’ve always been a bitter drinker!

Mark Barefoot
15th March 2021

Nice, light, cirtusy IPA. It can be a bit lively when you open it, so just be ready 🙂

Nathan Robinson
7th April 2021

My favourite IPA! If I could only drink this or Mr Chubb’s for the rest of my life, I’d be a happy man.

Martin Rafferty
8th April 2021

My favourite IPA without any doubt, great in the bottle and brilliant on draught.

Peter Richardson
12th April 2021

Some IPAs overdo the hops and result in a brew that needs to be chilled before it’s palatable. Maharajah IPA, by contrast, provides enough bite to make it interesting, but remains smooth without needing to chill to within an inch of its life. Has rapidly become a firm favourite.

Graham Stewart
14th April 2021

Bought this as I love IPA’s and it’s always good to support your local brewery’s. I was not disappointed this is bloody lovely!! Just about to order myself a case, might treat myself to the double IPA aswell

Derek legg
10th May 2021

Lovely beer great service. Who could ask for more?

Josh Sandars
5th July 2021

The best IPA on the market. Perfect blend of Hop notes that are not over powering compared to others. Such a beautiful beer!

Sheldon Holte
13th July 2021

One of my favourite beers, accompanys all foods , interestingly I prefer it at room temperature, sons, in their 20s, prefer it chilled

21st July 2021

IPA has a unique and great taste that lingers. My favourite beer at present.

Raymond Little
28th July 2021

A nice IPA. Good flavour and refreshing.

Paul Smith
30th July 2021

A lovely beer. Didn’t stay in the glass very long so had another one!

Gareth Jones
1st August 2021

A personal favourite of mine. Absolutely love this IPA; would recommend it to anyone.

Sara Jessop
26th October 2021

An absolutely delightful beer. It is my new favourite

Colin Sole
28th October 2021

Excellent hoppy IPA. Very refreshing.

4th November 2021

Of all the IPA’s I have tried from all over the UK, Maharaja always comes out on top. A great tasting, easy to drink beer. Well done to all at WBB.

Craig Pettit
9th November 2021

Amazing. Hoppy and refreshing. I prefer it to any others.

16th November 2021

Great beer, one of the best IPA’s there is!

Robert hetherington
19th November 2021

Fabulous beer, I am very much a traditional bitter man, Good Old Boy and Yaffle in old money, both classics. Well, tried Maharaja and WOW, to me this is another West Berks Classic, IPA yes but not extreme, the perfect hoppy citrus step-up. All my fellow traditionalists love this too. Well-done West Berks!

4th December 2021

Delivery was on time and well packaged.

Keong Chiah
4th January 2022

Amazing IPA!! Nice balance of hoppy flavour with freshness in taste. Loved by all who shared it. Highly recommended!!!

Josh Sandars
17th August 2023

The best IPA in the land… Its as simple as that 🙂

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